HSCRS Ride Of Your Life Gets Fans into the Race at San Jose Grand Prix

Race fans can enjoy the ride of a lifetime in a historical NASCAR car, and help in the drive to detect cancer at its earliest, most curable stages.

San Jose, Calif., February 28, 2007 — If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the checkered flag wave as you flash across the finish line in an auto race, here’s your chance. The Historic Stock Car Racing Series (HSCRS)-an organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and continued competition of former NASCAR stock cars-is offering a limited number of rides to donors in the HSCRS Ride Of Your Life.

The 10-lap race will be held on Saturday morning, July 28th as part of the San José Grand Prix weekend on the same 1.44 mile circuit the Champ Cars run on in downtownSan Jose. Historic NASCAR stock cars that were originally driven by leading drivers such as Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty will reach top speeds of 140 mph or more on the same course the San José Grand Prix uses. And the riders in the HSCRS Ride Of Your Life will be right there in the passenger seat, taking it all in from a participant’s point-of-view.

To ride in one of these powerful and storied NASCAR stock cars, interested individuals must offer to contribute a minimum of $3,500 through HSCRS to San José Grand Prix charity Canary Foundation, which provides needed funding to researchers on the frontlines of cancer detection and prevention. The highest contributors will be chosen by June 1st for the limited number of HSCRS Ride Of Your Life seats available.

“This is a true win-win proposition,” said John Davis, HSCRS President. “Donors get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the thrill of a stock car race first-hand. At the same time, their contribution can help Canary Foundation make significant progress on ways to detect cancer at its earliest, most curable stages.”

Among the cars that will be accepting riders are:

  • #24 DuPont 1993 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
  • #43 STP 1992 Richard PettyPontiacGrand Prix
  • #22 Maxwell House 1991 Ford Thunderbird, the 1992 Daytona 500 pole sitter

“We are passionate about restoring, preserving, and racing these cars in authentic and historic ways,” explained Ralph Borelli. “But we are equally passionate about helping Canary Foundation in its mission to take on cancer at its root-when it can be dealt with most effectively. The HSCRS Ride Of Your Life is one way car owners and the riders with the winning contributions can give to this important cause.”

Last year, the San José Grand Prix and related events such as the HSCRS Ride Of Your Life raised a total of more than $1 million for Canary Foundation. Among other projects, this has helped fund researchers working toward a standardized family of biomarker signatures for more effective and accurate detection of all forms of cancer.

“I think many of our extended families have been touched by cancer at some point,” saidDavis. “The HSCRS Ride Of Your Life says it all-contributors can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime ride, and at the same time, contribute to what hopefully will become significant progress in the detection and prevention of cancer within their lifetimes.”

The Historic Stock Car Racing Series is committed to the restoration and preservation of authentic and historical NASCAR stock cars, while providing for continued competition in a safe and entertaining environment. New members who share the group’s mission and goals are encouraged to join. More information about HSCRS may be obtained by calling (408) 280-0285, or visiting www.hscrs.com.

About the San José Grand Prix
Now in its third year, the San José Grand Prix has become an institution in the Bay Area. It will be the tenth stop on the 2007 Champ Car World Series schedule. The series features some of the greatest race car drivers in the world, competing in the most exciting series in the world. The three-day festival—which includes concerts, interactive displays, a family fun area, and many events for the race’s charity, Canary Foundation—is expected to generate a significant economic benefit for Northern California’s largest city. For more information about the race and its related activities, visit www.sanjosegrandprix.com.

About Borelli Racing and Borelli Investment Company
Ralph Borelli is the founder of Borelli Racing, and has been a part of Borelli Investment Company—founded by his father, Nelo—for more than 33 years. Borelli Investment Company is one of the oldest commercial real estate firms in the Santa Clara Valley, providing a full range of commercial real estate services—from development and construction management to land sales and consulting for sales and leasing. More information about Borelli Investment Company’s services may be obtained by calling (408) 453-4700, or visiting www.borelli.com.

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