Little Known Fact: Borelli Investment Company a Local Leader in Property Management Services

Borelli a Local Leader in Property Management Services

What comes to mind when you hear the Borelli Investment Company name? Do you think of Borelli as a leader in syndicated commercial real estate investments in Silicon Valley?

Or as one of the top land brokers in Northern California?

Or perhaps you are more familiar with Borelli’s reputation as a trendsetter in the hot business condominium segment?  Borelli Investment Company is indeed all of these things.

But what many people don’t know is that Borelli Investment is also a leader in providing high-quality property management services for commercial real estate-both for its own syndicated partnerships and for third-party property owners.

“We actively manage more than four million square feet of space in a real estate portfolio worth nearly $1 billion today,” says Ralph Borelli, CEO of Borelli Investment Company.  “Over the past 50 years, we have evolved a number of innovative business systems and processes for managing commercial property.  These systems and processes-plus truly personalized attention from our experienced team-are what generate high occupancy levels, excellent tenant retention, and increased asset value for owners, as well as a positive experience for tenants.”

Better, More Cost-Effective Maintenance

When service is needed—on an air conditioning unit or because of leaky plumbing, for example—tenants and owners want pretty much the same thing. They want the problem fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Borelli Investment Company is one of the only locally-based, boutique property management firm to use the Landport web-based property management system to organize and streamline service requests and work orders—so tenant problems are resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Landport eliminates the confusion often created by a barrage of calls, faxes, and e-mails, enabling tenants to submit service requests with just a couple of keystrokes, and helping Borelli to manage and track work orders through to completion.

“Even though we have only recently implemented Landport, we’ve already seen a significant improvement in communications among owners, tenants, service vendors, and our staff,” says Buddy Parsons, president of Borelli Investment Company. “Tenants are better served and owners will ultimately save money and enjoy a more favorable lease renewal rate because of satisfied tenants.”

A Closer Accounting

Another tool Borelli has relied on for many years is the SKYLINE property management system that provides powerful capabilities including:

  • Lease management
  • Property management
  • Accounting
  • Operations reports
  • Billing and collections
  • Cash management

SKYLINE enables the Borelli Investment Company property management team to smoothly handle the most complicated tasks—track special tenant obligations, automate billing, produce statements, provide cash management, and ensure detailed, timely reporting for owners.

Team Behind the Technology

But even with all the technology toys and gadgets, the biggest difference most owners and tenants notice in working with Borelli is the people. The Borelli Investment Company property management team has unsurpassed experience in serving owners and tenants, and meeting a variety of individual requirements. And Borelli team members are dedicated to taking care of the little things that make a difference in a relationship with an owner or tenant.

“Every property owner has a dedicated team and team leader who is ready to respond to requests and resolve problems quickly and effectively,” says Monte Pasquinelli, senior vice president–asset management, at Borelli Investment Company. “In addition tenants always know who they can contact to obtain service, and Landport has really streamlined our ability to respond to requests. Owners have a number of nationwide or regional property management firms they can choose that are far larger than our company. But you just don’t get that dedicated person who knows you and can get things done in a pinch.”

Borelli Investment Company is currently running a promotional campaign to increase the awareness of its property management capabilities and services. Referrals qualify for tickets to a luxury trackside suite to watch the San Jose Grand Prix champ car race in July, as well as other prizes. For more information, contact Buddy Parsons ( or Monte Pasquinelli ( at Borelli Investment, or call (408) 453-4700.

No Higher Form of Praise
Borelli Investment Company has long been one of the best-kept secrets in third-party commercial property management in Silicon Valley. But as word gets around, apparently the word is quite good.Borelli has received a number of significant referrals of property management business recently, including:
Individual   Company/Position   Referral
Bob Sekhom   Tenant and owner Mountain Mike’s Pizza,                       Tracy   New retail center in Tracy                      Tenant in another Borelli-managed building is impressed with follow-through and professionalism and selects Borelli to manage newly purchased property
Paul Biagini   Biagini Properties,                    Santa Clara   Industrial building, Santa Clara
Tom Sweeney   Wayne Mascia Associates,                    San Jose   Commercial office building, San Jose