Borelli Restructures

Borelli Restructures

By Katherine Conrad, San Jose Mercury News, June 13, 2006 in the Commercial Real Estate Section, Spaces and Places column.

Longtime commercial real estate company Borelli Investment has restructured its management team, freeing Ralph Borelli from day-to-day responsibilities so he can handle land development deals, and making Buddy Parsons president. Borelli, who took over in 1977 for his father, founder Nelo Borelli, remains the CEO.

“We decided that having Ralph micromanaging is not the best use of his time,” Parsons said. “He is heavily invested in land transactions. That’s a huge amount of responsibility on his plate.”

The restructuring also allows Borelli Investments to beef up its current portfolio of 4 million square feet in the valley and San Joaquin County. Parsons is ambitious — he wants to double that figure.

About half of the company’s business is devoted to third-party property management, despite the fact that Borelli Investments has not sought out such accounts. Still, it has managed to build a sizable portfolio for a company with fewer than 30 employees, Parsons said.