Borelli Investment Company Announces New Syndicated Investment Opportunity

Borelli Announces New Syndicatd Investment Opportunity

Although the nation’s housing market has cooled somewhat lately, Silicon Valley’s housing market remains strong, driven by a rapidly improving job market. Demand is particularly high for housing that is more affordable, targeted to first-time homebuyers. That’s what makes Borelli Investment Company’s new syndicated investment opportunity in affordably priced production housing in Sunnyvale so intriguing.

A Quality KB Home Townhome Community in Close-In Sunnyvale

KB Home is the largest new homebuilder in California, and one of the top five builders in the U.S. The company is planning to build a small community of 80 townhomes in an ideal close-in location near Lawrence Expressway and Monroe in the heart of Sunnyvale. The townhomes will be in close proximity to thousands of high-tech jobs, near major transportation arteries, and easy walking distance to a CalTrain station. Although actual prices have not yet been determined, the townhomes will be at the affordable end of the spectrum for Silicon Valley. With the added fuel savings due to shorter commutes, the new community should be just what many homebuyers are looking for.

Borelli Investment Company plans to raise $5 million in equity capital to participate in a joint venture with KB Home. Interested individuals will be able to invest in $100,000 shares, with a projected annual return of 12 percent over the expected 18 to 24 month holding period for the fund.

“Silicon Valley is very constrained on its housing,” said Ralph N. Borelli. “We have natural geographic boundaries that limit our expansion, and the conversion of outdated industrial properties to housing has been slowed recently by city planners, who are protecting their industrial base to take advantage of the recovering job market. As a result, demand remains very strong for this type of entry-level housing in Silicon Valley.”

All entitlements have been cleared for the KB Home community and necessary approvals have been obtained, so once the tenants have vacated the four older industrial buildings currently on the property, the project will be ready to proceed.

This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy shares in the BIC-015, LLC-Aster Avenue Associates fund.  Investment shares in the fund are offered only in conjunction with the offering prospectus.  Please read carefully before you make any investment decision, and consult with an investment professional for advice and guidance regarding your personal financial situation.