Unique Business Networking Groups Help Borelli Condo Owners and Tenants Succeed

Borelli Investment Company launches Building Business Network
at three office complexes to create critical alliances, encourage
discussion of common challenges and sharing of creative ideas, and
enhance business networking and synergy among owners and tenants.

San Jose,Calif.,March 29, 2010— While the economy is improving, it is clear things have not returned to “normal”. In fact, it is increasingly looking like business might not ever return to what we once thought of as “normal”. Instead, the challenging environment in which businesses operate today may be viewed as the “new normal”. It results in a business climate that is demanding and unforgiving — where success requires innovative thinking, a keen eye on costs, and the ability to adapt and quickly take advantage of good opportunities when they come along.

Winning in this “new normal” is tough enough with ample support — but for small businesses that are going it alone, long-term success may seem impossible at times. Recognizing this, Borelli Investment Company — a 55-year-old commercial real estate firm that specializes in leasing office space and selling office condos to smaller businesses — has created the Building Business Network, informal business networking groups associated with three of the projects it owns or markets: Junction Office Center, Club Auto Sport, and Fremont Business Park at Christy Street.

“Borelli Investment Company has seen a lot of ups and downs in the economy over the past 5 ½ decades,” said Ralph Borelli, chairman of Borelli Investment Company and son of the founder, his father Nelo. “We have learned two things through our experience in all kinds of business climates. First,Northern Californiain general andSilicon Valleyspecifically is a great place in which to do business — with the ability to rebound and reinvent itself after every decline. And second, if a business just hunkers down and waits for things to get better — it may not survive. HP has it right with its slogan ‘Invent’. One has to innovate for success.”

TEAM Club Auto Sport Laps the Field

In mid-2009, in the midst of one of the deepest recessions in history, the TEAM concept was originated at Club Auto Sport, a 120,000 sq. ft. office complex in North San Jose that includes car condos and a club for auto enthusiasts, as well as a dynamic business community and events center. TEAM Club Auto Sport was created to serve the diverse group of businesses — both automotive and non-automotive — that were locating within the facility.

Among the group’s many benefits are:

  • Regular meetings with TEAM Club Auto Sport members and Club Auto Sport’s marketing professionals — to discuss common challenges and brainstorm creative solutions
  • Unique business networking and advertising co-op opportunities
  • Guidance in how to apply the latest social networking methods to create a business advantage
  • Invitations to the club’s exclusive Fast Track U series of business workshops on topics from sound accounting practices to effective wealth planning
  • The opportunity to contribute to TEAM Club Auto Sport’s blog to drive customers to their own web sites
  • Individual mentoring, if desired
  • Access to professional marketing resources

“Within my first two months as part of TEAM Club Auto Sport, I was introduced to a development family whom I now represent in the development of a 90-room hotel project in Capitola,” said Alex L. Ingram of Ingram & Associates, Inc., a facilities planning and construction management firm. “This project will provide significant fee income for me.”

“By being at Club Auto Sport, I have exceeded my business goals — and the new relationships I’ve made are creating tremendous business opportunities for us,” added Baltazar Martinez of South Valley Landscape Construction.