Staff Spotlight: Steve Peterson

Peterson Joins Borelli as CFO

Steve Peterson, whose career was launched at a NYC CPA firm with clients ranging from well-known Wall Street companies, to fast-rising Silicon Valley startups has joined Borelli Investment Company as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

“We are in a period of tremendous growth companywide, driven in part by the success of our commercial condominium developments—including Club Auto Sport—as well as our large property management portfolio and land transactions,” said Buddy Parsons, president of Borelli Investment Company. “There are tremendous opportunities across the board in everything we do in commercial real estate, and Steve’s financial management experience and entrepreneurial capabilities put us in a better position to capitalize on them.”

Peterson began his career with Main Hurdman in New York, where his clients included Cablevision and Pfizer. He then worked eleven years in various senior financial management positions for Capital Cities/ABC (now owned by Disney), and was CFO of book publisher, HarperCollins of San Francisco, a division of News Corporation.

In 1996, Peterson co-launched an Internet startup that grew quickly before being acquired by a public telecom company (GST). Peterson continued with the company as VP Finance and General Manager of the Internet division for the Western U.S. Since 2001, he has successfully managed several other startups in various industries. Peterson has sold three businesses to public companies, raised more than $10 million in debt funding and $30 million in equity funding, plus successfully managed a business undergoing a bankruptcy reorganization.

“I have worked with the Borelli team in the past and like the way they run their business,” Peterson said. “It is exciting to be part of this organization at a time when there’s so much potential to build the company in special ways.”

Peterson, a CPA, holds an MBA from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting from Villanova. He resides with his family in Danville.