Borelli’s Property Management Services Reach Beyond Silicon Valley

Borelli Property Management Services Extend Beyond Silicon Valley

Borelli Investment Company is well-known for its high-quality property management services. Borelli’s professional property managers work closely with owners to set rents and efficiently lease space, maintain and improve properties, respond to tenant requests, and keep the books in good order. Clients know they can count on high occupancy rates and proper positioning to maintain value over time in up markets and downWhat you may not be aware of is that Borelli Investment Company provides its property management services not only here in Silicon Valley, but also in other markets throughout Northern California.

A Growing Central Valley Portfolio

One of Borelli’s hottest growth areas in recent times has been the Central Valley. Borelli now manages multiple properties in Tracy, Turlock, Stockton, Elk Grove, and West Sacramento—among other Central Valley towns and cities. The holdings include retail centers, a variety of office buildings, and industrial properties.

California’s Central Valley is experiencing rapid growth,” said Buddy R. Parsons, president of Borelli Investment Company. “Many of our clients are interested in taking advantage of the attractive ownership opportunities there. Once they have purchased a property, they need to work with someone they trust to manage it. We have the ability to minimize risk, reduce operating expenses, and increase the long-term asset value of properties located up and down the Central Valley.”A good example of the benefits Borelli provides can be found at the 250,000 square foot Countryside Plaza retail center in Turlock. When Borelli was selected as property manager in 2004, Countryside Plaza had not increased its lease rates in years. The prior owner had been hesitant to do so, because he was skeptical that rates could be raised without causing long-time tenants to move out. Borelli managed an increase in rents to market levels and maintained virtually 100 percent occupancy during the adjustment period.

“It simply didn’t make sense to leave rental rates unchanged,” Parsons explained. “By acting on the owner’s behalf, we were able to negotiate appropriate increases for tenants without hurting the owner’s established relationships or negatively impacting occupancy. We have also begun a program of planned improvements to ensure that the center is always well-maintained and modernized.”

Property Management Everywhere

Wherever you decide to buy, contact Borelli if you need professional property management. For more information about Borelli’s professional property management services and pricing that pays for itself, contact Buddy Parsons at (408) 453-4700, or e-mail