Borelli Investment Company Closing Out Ringwood Business Center

Borelli Investment Company Closing Out Ringwood Business Center

Three-building, 72,000 square foot business condominium complex sells 46 of 47 units in a little over one year

San Jose, California, January 9, 2006 — Borelli Investment Company has announced a virtual sell-out at Ringwood Business Center, a new 72,200 square foot, three-building business condominium complex in North San Jose.

Ringwood began selling its 47 business condominium units ranging from 750 square feet to 3,500 square feet just over a year ago, and at this writing, only one unit is left.

“Business condominiums are hot in general, and Ringwood units were in high demand from day one” said Ralph Borelli, president of Borelli Investment Company, developer of the project.  “Ringwood business condominiums allow owners to buy, not lease — building equity, while enjoying the tax benefits of property ownership. The concept makes so much sense, it’s a natural winner.”

Located in International Business Park

The single-story complex is well located in North San Jose’s International Business Park.  Borelli Investment Company purchased a prime parcel left over from a larger business complex next door, and then developed an attractive, modern-looking business center.  Ringwood owners have easy access to major transportation arteries such as I-680, I-880, and the Montague Expressway, and are less than five miles from San Jose International Airport. Ample parking exists on-site, with a ratio of four cars-per-thousand square feet of space.

“Demand has remained so strong over the past year that several investors have already bought and re-sold units with a substantial appreciation in value,” Borelli commented.  “We have quite a range of owners in the complex — including professional firms, contractors, a machine shop, and even a dental lab.  Ringwood is a great place to do business.”

Borelli Investment Company handles all owner upgrades as needed.  SBA financing — requiring only 10 percent down — is available through Mid-Peninsula Bank.  Borelli Investment Company also offers lease-to-own plans, which allow a business to make purchase decisions months or years down the road, with a portion of the lease payments applied to the eventual down payment.

For more information about the final unit at Ringwood Business Center, call Borelli Investment Company at (408) 453-4700 and ask for Lynn Hawkins, or e-mail

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